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Emotional Support Animal Form

People with emotional support animals have legal protections that allow them to live with their emotional support animals, even in no-pet environments. They are exempted from paying deposits and fees to housing providers as well as participating airlines to be accompanied by their emotional support animals.

To get an ESA letter, you are required to fill out an emotional support animal form. In this post, we will look at what this form entails and how you can fill it out.

What is an Emotional Support Animal Form?

An Emotional Support Animal form is a requirement for individuals looking to obtain an ESA letter. The letter itself is given to individuals with mental health disabilities and who have a disability-associated need for the support of a pet.

The letter that grants permission to live and go about with an Emotional Support Animal is called an ESA. To obtain this form, the candidates need to complete the form and submit a supplemental verification form. The form has to be submitted by the treating medical professional of the applicant.

Information Included on the Emotional Support Animal Form

It is crucial to understand what an emotional support animal form contains to ensure you are adequately prepared to fill it out. Here are the details that will be included in the form.

Personal Information: You are required to provide your full name and email address, phone number, as well as your house address. You also have to indicate whether it is a new application or you are applying for a renewal or a change. This section will also ask some questions about your ESA, such as the age of your ESA.

Details of the Disability: You have to provide the reasons why you need an ESA. Here, you must give a clear explanation of your disability and why you need special permission for an emotional support animal. This must be brief but comprehensive enough to enable the authority to make an informed decision about granting you an ESA.

Animal Emergency Contact: This part requires that you provide emergency contact that should be contacted if your emotional support animals need to be removed or leave the location where you are as a result of any issue.

You must provide a local emergency contact that can take your animal on very short notice. If you are a student, you cannot use the contact of another student as an animal emergency contact.

Additional Personal Information: Here, you will have to answer some questions ranging from how you intend to take care of your emotional support animal when you are involved in other activities, such as job/internship, riding, athletics, and so on.

Supporting Documentation: This part requires providing documents that validate that you indeed need an ESA. The document has to be from your treating medical practitioner. You will be required to provide the name of the verifying professional, the Credentials of the professional, and the address. These are the highlights of information that are included in the emotional support animal form.

How to fill out an Emotional Support Animal Form

Filling out an emotional support animal form is as simple as filling out any other form. You are required to provide basic information about yourself, why you need an ESA letter, and the details of the verifying medical practitioner. Here are the simple steps to fill out your form.

Step 1: Download the form by clicking on the “Get Form” button and waiting for the editable form to load.

Step 2: Complete each section with accurate information.


Step 3: Append signature and name.


Step 4: Save it on your computer and download it for print when you are ready.

What is an Emotional Support Animal Form used for?

The ESA form is used as a part of the requirements to obtain an Emotional Support Animal Letter. With this letter, you are allowed to carry your emotional support animal anywhere, even in places that pets are prohibited or frowned upon, such as no-pet buildings and airlines. The letter gives you the letter permission to go live and stay with your ESA anywhere.

Who Needs an Emotional Support Animal Form?

People who experience severe emotional or psychological difficulty in life or those who suffer from mental illnesses may require an ESA. Emotional Support Animals help such people to live happy and more productive lives by offering unconditional companionship and support. People who suffer from depression, PTSD, anxiety, phobia, and other illnesses may need an ESA.

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